Whitney - Winner of the New Rivers Press 2011 Many Voices Project
 Untitled Project - TBA

Short Fiction

The Products of Conception - TSR: The Southampton Review
This Little Bomb Shelter - Specter Magazine (March 2012)
 Sid Vicious - Inkwell (Spring 2011)
 Mirrors - Alaska Quarterly Review (Spring/Summer 2010)
 The Day Before Christmas Eve - Alaska Quarterly Review (Spring/Summer 2010)
The Fourth - PANK Magazine (11/2009)
 My Bike Shorts Are Not Yours, Or My Bulge - Word Riot (9/2009) 


A Stupid, Noble Responsibility - Paper Camera (1/2015)
Everything Since: Five Weeks at Home With a Baby, Five Months as a Father - The Good Men Project (10/2013)  
 Joe Stracci’s Top Ten Novellas - john madera’s hitherandthithering waters (4/2009)