Ep. 7: The Most Fruitful Period of My Creative Life

I always thought I’d be terrified to fly in an airplane.


The Long Winters’ EP ‘Ultimatum.’

The Sony MDR-7506, which are really affordable professional-grade headphones.

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“A Prayer for Owen Meany” by John Irving

“Owen Meany” was my mom’s favorite novel. She always told me that I should read it, and I never did. I’m going to now though. To download “A Prayer for Owen Meany” for free, go to audibletrial.com/ibetterstart.

Here’s the episode of Song Exploder that I mentioned. If you like music, I can’t recommend Song Exploder enough.

Here’s the episode of Roderick on the Line that I included two clips from. If you like philosophy and laughing and early 70’s Suburbans and the history of the Nazis, I can’t recommend Roderick on the Line enough. And thanks to fellow RotL fan, @capnmariam, for finding the episode for me.