MLB Gives Young Latin-American Players a Voice

Mark Feinsand, writing for The New York Daily News:

“That was a really tough night,” Pineda said. “I’m a little sensitive and I was sad. I wanted to explain everything. I forgot English, Spanish, everything that night.”

Beltran looked around the room and saw Masahiro Tanaka, Hiroki Kuroda and Ichiro Suzuki standing by their lockers with their own personal translators, ready to interpret their words at a moment’s notice.

“They all had their own guys, but when Pineda had the situation with the pine tar, it would have been great for him to have someone next to him so he could have expressed himself the way he wanted to express himself,” Beltran said. “There would have been no misinterpretation of how he was able to handle the media that day.”

I love sports, but I really love when sports provides us with something to aspire to, a map for how we can make the real world a better place. Imagine if we approached even half of the world's problems with the humility and care that this piece outlines?