Who Sponsored the Hate?

Jane Meyer, writing for The New Yorker:

The effort to attack Obama, not as a legitimate and democratically elected American political opponent but as an alien threat to the country’s survival, was very much in evidence at the Defending the American Dream Summit in Austin during the summer of 2010. Peggy Venable, who was then the director of the Texas branch of Americans for Prosperity, and who has been on the payroll of various Koch-run groups since 1994, presided over the summit. There the Texas branch gave out its Blogger of the Year award to a woman named Sibyl West, whose work described Obama as the “cokehead-in-chief” and as suffering from “demonic possession (aka schizophrenia, etc.).” The Republican donor class may now disown vile language, but six years ago they were honoring it with trophies.

On November 9th, 2016, when Republicans wake up to the looming prospect of a HRC presidency, they'll look in the bathroom mirror and wonder who is to blame. What's good for them is that they won't have to move from that spot to answer the question.