'...magic flying puppies with winning Lotto tickets tied to their collars.'

Jackie Calmes, writing for The New York Times:

With his expansive plans to increase the size and role of government, Senator Bernie Sanders has provoked a debate not only with his Democratic rival for president, Hillary Clinton, but also with liberal-leaning economists who share his goals but question his numbers and political realism.

The reviews of some of these economists, especially on Mr. Sanders’s health care plans, suggest that Mrs. Clinton could have been too conservative in their debate last week when she said his agenda in total would increase the size of the federal government by 40 percent. That level would surpass any government expansion since the buildup in World War II.

Now go ahead—let me hear from a bunch of liberals about the media bias toward Bernie Sanders from The New York fucking Times.

Bernie Sanders supporters want to win a nomination; Hillary supporters want to win an election.

That's the difference.