Rush Limbaugh Doesn't Know He's Part of the Establishment

Conor Friedersdorf, writing for The Atlantic:

Now, Rush Limbaugh isn’t the chair of the Republican National Committee. One can easily find figures who more fully embody “the Republican establishment” or “the ruling class.” It is nevertheless absurd for him to speak as if he somehow exists outside of this power system. And the clearest illustration of why it is absurd came Wednesday on his radio show, when he was explaining to his listeners why it is difficult for him to cover the dispute among Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly, and the Fox News Channel.

“It’s very hard when you know everybody involved,” he began, “and when you consider them friends.” Then he spoke frankly about a number of his friends on the right.

I've been making this argument for a few years now. If millions of people know your name, you're not an outsider. It just doesn't work that way.