‘Anyway, most parenting advice is bullshit, especially any I might produce.’

David Roberts, writing for Vox:

If any one of those things had been different, parenting would be a greater challenge, no matter my parenting style. I don't have the standing to offer any wisdom to the single mother working two jobs. I know very little about the struggles of raising children with serious mental or physical disabilities. I'll never have to have the kinds of conversations about hatred and vulnerability that every parent of minority or LGBTQ children eventually must. My kids were practically fated to be okay as long as my wife and I didn't fuck it up catastrophically.

If the David Brookses of the world were honest, their parenting advice would begin: Have a healthy kid, live in an affluent area (with low crime and good schools), be from a socially privileged demographic, and make a decent amount of money. From there on, it's pretty much coasting.

So refreshing. And the parenting advice he does wind up giving is pretty good too.