Matte Shot’s ‘Kubricks’ 2001: One Man’s Incredible Odyssey’

NZPete, Matte Shot:

2001 is one of those rare pictures where almost every shot is suitable for framing, and I've even gotten onto the VFX shots yet.  The interiors or space stations and shuttle craft are simply exquisite in both set design and cinematography.  The shots aren't flashy like most of today's over indulgent hyperactive camerawork.  The shots are beautifully framed and often held on screen for a long period of time without a cut, or uneccessary camera movement.  Perhaps it's my age catching up with me but I really enjoy a 'slow' and deliberate exercise in film making where time isn't of the essence.  In fact, I could go another 20 minutes of the film (which I believe Kubrick chopped after the initial premier). As this is a special effects blog I want to naturally concentrate on that facet of the production.  I've included many fine BluRay frames below from most every effects sequence and a few, hard to find behind the scenes photos that I've managed to come across from various sources, though I dearly wish I could find more!

Every time I watch 2001, I’m blown away by how current the film looks. Now I know why.

/via Daring Fireball