Kanye Performs ‘All Day’ at the BRIT Awards

After watching this about fifty times, I’ve got a couple of thoughts:

1. Only Kanye West takes the “flamethrower” metaphor and says: you know what, fuck it—let’s just use the real thing.

2. With this performance, Yeezy also sets the new record for Largest Stage Posse in Hip Hop History.

3. Apparently, Kanye isn’t done with his Verging-On-the-Edge-of-Something-Threatening-Super-Grimey-Reggae-Choruses phase, which I, for one, am thrilled about.

4. Keep a close eye out at 1:31 and 1:48 for Taylor Swift, who apparently polished off Terence Howard’s Oscar’s Molly water before the performance.

5. At 2:31, Lionel Ritchie.

6. 2:35 and Taylor Swift is just, like, hearing colors and tasting sound.

7. I guess it goes without saying, but, wow, as usual, Yeezy isn’t done.

Bonus: “Like a light-skinned slave, boy/We in the motherfucking house” 😮

/via Pitchfork