The Dissolve’s Movie of the Week: 25th Hour

Spike Lee’s 25th Hour was the first movie that, after I watched it, I thought: am I crazy, or was that a terrific movie? It was the first movie I found on my own, took in, thought critically about, and trusted my instinct on. When I found out later on that others thought similarly, I was delighted.

So, of course, I was equally delighted today to see The Dissolve posting a couple of pieces about it. First, from Scott Tobias, we get a thoughtful review/meditation on it, The Ruins and Reckoning of 25th Hour; and second, a conversation between Mike D’Angelo and Tasha Robinson in which they do a great job of hashing out some of the biggest discussion points of the movie.

There’s nothing explicitly spoiler-y about either piece, but I’d recommend having seen the movie before you read them.