Boston’s Winter From Hell

E.J. Graff:

But for those of us living here, it’s not a pretty picture. We are being devastated by a slow-motion natural disaster of historic proportions. The disaster is eerily quiet. There are no floating bodies or vistas of destroyed homes. But there’s no denying that this is a catastrophe. 

A total reframing of this recent spate of storms. I emailed the piece to a friend who lives in Boston, just to, no pun intended, take the temperature of the situation, and see if maybe Graff had been gripped by a bit of fed-up pathos. She confirmed almost everything he said and even added that garbage pickup has started to become sporadic. I think, for some, there’s a sense that, hey, it’s the Northeast, it’s winter, this shouldn’t be surprising. But sometimes it’s the things that we’re expecting that surprise us the most.