Taylor Swift’s GQ Cover Interview

Chuck Klosterman, writing for GQ:

Now, inside my skull, I am thinking one thought: This is not remotely crazy. It actually seems like the opposite of crazy. Why wouldn’t Justin Timberlake want to perform with the biggest entertainer in America, to an audience of 15,000 people who will lose their collective mind the moment he appears? I’d have been much more surprised if he’d called to turn her down. But then I remember that Swift is 25 years old, and that her entire ethos is based on experiencing (and interpreting) how her insane life would feel if she were exactly like the type of person who’d buy a ticket to this particular concert. She has more perspective than I do. Every extension of who she is and how she works is (indeed) “so crazy,” and what’s even crazier is my inability to recognize just how crazy it is.

So Taylor Swift is right again.

Great job by GQ. C.K. is the perfect pop culture writer to interview one of the biggest pop culture icons on the planet. It’s not easy to make being ludicrously famous look equal parts easy, difficult, humbling, and sudden, but T.S. pulls it off.