The NYC Subway, Through the Eyes of Stanley Kubrick in 1946

Chris Wild, Mashable:

In 1946, Stanley Kubrick, then aged only 18, took these photographs of the New York Subway and had them published by LOOK magazine.  He photographed for the magazine from 1945 to 1950.

According to Helen O'Brian, head of LOOK's photographic department, Kubrick generated the highest number of published articles of any photographer she had worked with. At the time, Kubrick was the youngest photographer LOOK had had on its books. 

What’s most amazing about these images—besides the novelty factor of who they’re by and from when—is that in a few, you can clearly see Kubrick’s composition style already taking shape. It’s most obvious in the image above and in the final image of the woman standing alone on the platform.

/via ManMade and Alex Zic