Scott Carrier’s ‘The Hitchhiker’

Rob Rosenthal:

I’m often asked “How can I get into radio?”  Typically, I respond with things like “Just start making stories. Take some classes then get an internship.”

What I don’t say is “Interview a lot of people then show up at a radio station and ask ‘Can you help me produce a radio story?’” That seems unlikely to work.

But, maybe I should give that advice because that’s how Scott Carrier got his start in radio back in 1983. Only instead of knocking on the door of a radio station recordings in hand, he went directly to the mothership — NPR.

Scott Carrier is my absolute favorite NPR voice, maybe even my favorite non-fiction storyteller/writer. I was so excited to see him get the HowSound treatment (a podcast that is most definitely worth your time) and to have it be his infamous first story ever produced was an added bonus.

And once you’re hooked, I’d recommend just about everything he’s ever done. You can get all of his contributions to This American Life here.

Oh, and since I’m all frothy at the mouth about this, in the piece, Scott Carrier mentions “The Kitchen Sisters.” Once you’re done with Scott Carrier, prepare to be bowled over by their work. You can start with their new Radiotopia show “Fugitive Waves.”