The Biggest Apple Watch Problem? Time is an Illusion

The announcement of a new Apple product line is always a big event, and their recent unveiling of the Apple Watch (technically, the  WATCH) was no exception. I’ve specifically avoided forming any real opinions on a product that isn’t going to be released for another, at least, six months. (if you’re interested, though, I think the new messaging paradigm that they’re attempting to introduce with the watch is the real that’s-some-Jetsons-shit feature.) However, that hasn’t stopped the rest of the internet from weighing in.

Of course, if you wanted to do some reading, get some good, thoughtful feedback, you could read, say, “A Watch Guy’s Thoughts On The Apple Watch After Seeing It In The Metal” (via Daring Fireball). I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but damn—there’s an entire Watch Nerd World out there, apparently.

Or, if you’re (like me) nerdy and lame and not all totally there, you could dive into Dylan Matthews’ take:

There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical of the just-revealed Apple Watch. Who wants to use a touchscreen that tiny? Why would I want to send my heartbeat to my friends (a real feature of the watch emphasized in the product's unveiling)? Why should people who aren't titans of finance spend $349 on a watch?

But the best reason for skepticism is that it's, at root, a watch, with the primary purpose of telling time. And time is an illusion.

Now that’s a think piece.