The Sound of Sports

Roman Mars:

Way back in October 2011 (see episode #38, true believers!), we broadcast a short excerpt of a radio documentary produced by Peregrine Andrews about faking the sounds of sports on TV broadcasts. It was one of our most popular and provocative programs ever, primarily because people were shocked that any aspect of a sporting event might be faked. Since then, I’ve received several requests from the audience asking where they can hear the full-length documentary. Well today, my friends, you are in luck.

All sports fans—and I mean any and all sports (the niche sports ((curling, archery, etc.)) that they get into here have the more interesting sound design stories)—should take a listen to this, preferably on decent speakers or headphones. It’ll change the way you hear sports. And if you’re not already listening to 99% Invisible, well what the hell are you waiting for?