The New ‘New Yorker’ Website and Some Article Recommendations

The New Yorker Editors:

This week, has a new look. On a desktop, on a tablet, on a phone, the site has become, we believe, much easier to navigate and read, much richer in its offerings, and a great deal more attractive. For months, our editorial and tech teams have been sardined into a boiler room, subsisting only on stale cheese sandwiches and a rationed supply of tap water, working without complaint on intricate questions of design, functionality, access, and what is so clinically called “the user experience.

Big improvement. Looks great. And you can still get the comfortingly annoying “Enjoy The New Yorker” ad by hovering over the red ‘subscribe’ menu item. Oh, but wait—there’s more:

Beginning this week, absolutely everything new that we publish—the work in the print magazine and the work published online only—will be unlocked. All of it, for everyone. Call it a summer-long free-for-all. Non-subscribers will get a chance to explore The New Yorker fully and freely, just as subscribers always have. Then, in the fall, we move to a second phase, implementing an easier-to-use, logical, metered paywall. Subscribers will continue to have access to everything; non-subscribers will be able to read a limited number of pieces—and then it’s up to them to subscribe. You’ve likely seen this system elsewhere—at the Times, for instance—and we will do all we can to make it work seamlessly.

Wow. I’d like to think of this of generosity, but I don’t know—doesn’t sound like the business model of a thriving, successful magazine. Anyway, take advantage. Because you weren’t far enough behind on your New Yorker pile anyway, here’s, via, Longform’s 25 Favorite Unlocked New Yorker Articles.