L.A. Kings Darryl Sutter Opens Up About His Son Christopher

Bruce Arthur:

When Christopher was born, the doctors told Darryl and his wife Wanda that he would be deaf and blind. He had heart surgery at 14 days old. Sutter, one of the seven Sutter brothers, was the coach in Chicago; he would eventually step down to take better care of his infant son. When he coached in Calgary and San Jose, it was partly because there was either family or specialized care in place. And he made connections with other kids.
“I think it’s just important,” says Sutter quietly, no fuss. “I was raised in a big family, you know, we didn’t have much growing up. So we’ve always been really respectful of people — actually, it’s probably more family-related — that are in need of some help in some way.

I was looking for something to take away the sting of last night’s defeat. This helped.

/via Lee Jenkins