Former NHL Ref Kerry Fraser Reviews The Mighty Ducks

Kerry Fraser with Mike Hetherington:

Aside from the force and location of the blow (on the back of Banks), the referee must also consider if Banks was aware of the impending hit and if he had the ability to defend himself. It is reasonable to expect that Adam Banks was incapable of either one of these conditions. While judging the illegal act on its merit the referee can't help but factor in the resulting injury. 

In the final assessment McGill delivered an aggressive cross-check directly from behind that caused Banks to crash into the goal post and sustain an injury. C'mon Ref would impose a 5 minute major and game misconduct to McGill for cross-checking. The goal scored by Adam Banks would obviously stand and the Hawks would have to place a player in the penalty box to serve McGill's major penalty prior to its expiration (rule 20.3). No relief would be entitled the Hawks regardless how many goals the Mighty Ducks might score during the major penalty.

There are no words to express just how amazing this article is. Also—The Flying V wasn’t offsides!

/via Deadspin