Zen Pencil’s ‘Jim Henson: A Puppeteer’s Advice’

Eventually, I’m going to have to just create a ‘Zen Pencils’ tag, because Gavin Aung Than doesn’t release anything that I don’t want to share with others. His latest, as he explains, has even more meaning to him than usual:

Reading Henson’s biography was incredibly motivating for me. Henson used an art form that was seen as crude, childish and primitive to create television and films that have brought joy to millions. At the height of its popularity, The Muppet Show was the most-watched program in the world. Henson (along with his fellow puppeteers) also created characters beloved by generations.

It made me want to revisit some of the characters I have introduced in Zen Pencils (not that I’m comparing mine with Kermit and Co.) and illustrate how they have changed my life. I thought combining Henson’s wonderful quote with my own story and characters was the perfect way to celebrate my 150th comic. So this is the Zen Pencils origin comic.