Minecraft, Minecraft Videos, and Kids

John Moltz:

When friends and family ask what my son is into these days, I usually tell them Minecraft. It’s not surprising that a 10-year-old would like to play video games, and people have usually heard of Minecraft, so there’s usually some nodding of recognition.

What I don’t tell them is that while he does certainly play Minecraft, he’s also really into watching people play Minecraft on YouTube. You tell people without a 10-year-old that and you’ll find there’s less recognition and more concerned stares.

Watching people play a video game? What kind of crappy parenting led your child to this, the laziest of the voyeurisms?

I didn’t (still don’t, really) know what Minecraft was when I heard John Moltz and John Gruber talk about it (and Moltz’s piece) on the most recent episode of The Talk Show, save for having heard Gruber mention his son’s addiction to it in the past. But this piece by Moltz put me at ease, at least partially.

The nature of my enthusiasm for technology has been crippling me mentally since my daughter was born and my wife and I took on the task of keeping iPhones and iPads and televisions out of her line of sight. We will continue to do that, of course, for the time being, but I’m somewhat encouraged to see examples of how the youngest generation is using the technology at their disposal. Much to the chagrin, I’m sure, of the age advanced, it appears that kids are finding new ways to be social and intelligent and interactive and, dare I say, business-minded.