A Pediatrician Who Believes Vaccines Are Messing With Nature

Kiera Butler:

Kenet Lansman tells me she would never deny any vaccine to parents who request it for their child. But she does share her personal beliefs with her patients: She fears that vaccines have contributed to the recent uptick in autoimmune disorders and other chronic conditions. “I think we’re just messing with nature, and we really don’t know what we’ve created,” she says. “We’ve reduced or largely eliminated many infectious diseases. But in their place, we have an epidemic of chronic illnesses in children. The incidence of asthma, allergies, and autism spectrum disorders has dramatically increased since the 1990s. And the reason for this we don’t know. But my concern is that vaccines have played a role.”

She has a policy of giving only one vaccination at a time, and only when a child is completely healthy. “I believe that the detoxification pathways in the body can be overwhelmed by too many vaccines given on one day,” she explains.

Pediatric Alternatives prioritizes childhood vaccines based on the perceived risk of a kid acquiring a given disease. “We live in a very healthy community,” Kenet Lansman says. “The incidence of these illnesses are very low, not only here, but nationwide. And so it’s safe to do a modified vaccine schedule, in my opinion.”

It’s frightening that these are the thoughts of a licensed physician. Although, I must admit, she’s right. We are messing with nature. But the reality of that nature—and I wonder how often she reminds the parents she misleads—is that a return to “normalcy” would result in many more dead babies, children, elderly, and eventually, healthy adults and teens.