‘Do just boys play hockey?’

Lance Bradley:

Like most good Canadian kids, my three-and-a-half year old daughter Elizabeth loves hockey. She’s been to somewhere close to 175 hockey games in her young life, beginning when she was just three months old. With credentials like that she’s about ready to adopt a pseudonym and start her very own NHL trade rumors blog.

All joking aside, about two weeks before the Sochi Olympics began, Elizabeth asked my wife Kristi and I, “Do just boys play hockey?” Shocked, we quickly explained that in just a few short weeks she’d be able to see, to use her words, “girls” play hockey on TV.

I used to see stories like Bradley’s as cheesy. I used to view incidents like Shannon Szabados becoming the first female player in Southern Professional Hockey League history as stunts.

And then I had a kid—a daughter, to be precise.

And now everything is different.