Your Dislike of the ‘True Detective’ Finale Says More About You Than the Show

Molly Lambert:

The season finale answered all of TD’s looming questions, but some fans, having already opened so many mental doors into labyrinthine passages, were loath to see most of them get shut behind them. Fan speculation about who the show’s big bad would be led down some semi-plausible avenues (Marty’s father-in-law is the Yellow King!) and some sillier ones (the Yellow King is Maggie!). A lot of fan theories centered on the idea that Marty’s daughter Audrey would be directly implicated in the Carcosa cult’s misdeeds, even after the seventh episode revealed that she had grown up just fine. I was a little horrified by how many online comments were versions of “What a rip-off that Marty’s daughter didn’t get abused by the cult!”

I had no idea that Molly Lambert was recapping T.D., but it comes as no surprise that I 100% agreed with her take on the finale. Reading this got me even more excited for the upcoming season of Mad Men, even more so that the actual Mad Men promo material, because it means I’ll get to read her recaps.