Brickjest—‘Infinite Jest’ Retold in 122 Lego Scenes

p. 3 These are three Deans--of Admissions, Academic Affairs, Athletic Affairs. I do not know which face belongs to whom.


Kevin Griffith, Professor of English at Capital University, and his son Sebastian first envisioned translating David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest into Legos after  reading The Brick Bible, by Brendan Powell Smith.  Wallace's novel is probably the only contemporary text to offer a similar challenge to artists working in the medium of Lego.  The artist in this case was Griffith's eleven-year-old son, Sebastian, who created all the scenes based on his father's descriptions of the relevant pages.

The edition of Infinite Jest used for this project is the Tenth Anniversary paperback edition, published in 2006.

The creators of this site neither expect nor intend to make money on this project.

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