Introducing Emoji++

David Smith:

Being friends with Casey Liss I have a lot of experience with Emoji, but the way it is implemented in the default iOS keyboard has always driven me a little bit crazy. Why oh why are there six pages, some of which is split into ten sub pages. None of which scroll!

And then don’t even get me started on actually trying to find anything.

Why are shoes(👞) under the face(😃)?
Why are volcanos(🌋) under the flower(🌸)?
Why is the coffee(☕) under the bell(🔔)?
Why is the Union Jack(🇬🇧) under the car(🚘)?!

I feel like I’m always I’m playing a game of memory each time I’m try to craft my perfectly composed Emoji response.

So when iOS 8 introduced the concept of custom keyboard I knew I wanted to replace the built in one with something better. Something faster.

The result is Emoji++. A custom keyboard for iOS 8 that actually makes sense.

Download. Download now.