A Rare Look at Apple’s Design Guru

Robert Sullivan:

When you sit down with Ive, he is eager to chat—too eager, maybe, for the Apple time-minders who are always looking around for him—and will take a while to respond to a question, smiling as he says, “This is going to be a kind of oblique answer. . . .” We are talking in a white room, distracted only by a black non-Apple television—itself a signpost to the question, When will Apple make TVs or whatever will replace them? Noticeably, his phone neither rings nor vibrates; he has designed the moment for concentration. He nurses a white mug of tea, and the only thing in the room besides an iPhone is the pair of reading glasses designed by his friend Marc Newson and tucked into the front of his T-shirt: simple, delicate, but clear and strong. “I wish I could articulate this more effectively,” he continues, addressing his ambitions as a designer. “But it is to have that sense that you know there couldn’t possibly be a sane or rational alternative.”

The central focus of this piece is the design of the Apple Watch. As many have pointed out, it probably isn’t a coincidence, after a Paris Fashion Week event featuring the Apple Watch, that Apple chose to make Ive available to Vogue. Apple is wading into the waters of high fashion, there’s no doubt about it.

/via Six Colors