Joe Strummer’s London Calling: An Eight-Part Radio Series


Joe Strummer, the legendary gravel-voiced punk-poet from The Clash, loved to listen to music on the radio. Even as he toured the world with "the only band that matters," he still had a dream to one day spin records for the BBC World Service, where he heard the latest UK hits over the shortwave band as a teenager in Africa.

He finally got his wish in 1999, when BBC World Service premiered Joe Strummer's London Calling. Between then and 2002, Strummer hosted a series of programs with a simple format - one man and his eclectic record collection. His globe spanning playlists included many of the rock, reggae and folk artists that inspired the Clash, plus many surprises.

I try to only post stuff here that I have completely read/thought about/listened to, but I’m taking my time with this series and after only two episodes, it’s something that I’m 100% confident that I want to share. I’m going to be revisiting these songs for a long, long time. For music fans, this is a treasure.