So Money: An Oral History of Swingers

Alex French and Howie Kahn, writing for Grantland:

Vaughn: The reading would always play phenomenally. We did this for over a year and would get huge laughs, great responses. But the business model was always a problem. You have a bunch of guys that don’t really mean anything to Hollywood. Jon had done more than the rest of us, but wasn’t a big enough name to open a movie. And they always felt the movie was funny but also very specific to out-of-work actors in Los Angeles. I think they all totally missed the universality of it: a guy dealing with a breakup and coming of age, taking a journey with a group of friends, and wanting to meet somebody to love. Everyone goes through it. And they wanted to replace me, Trent, with a woman.

I’m still not over this idea—and they talk about it more throughout. If Trent is a woman it’s a totally different movie. And that would be tragic.

Also—everyone has their favorite Swingers line. Mine?

"You want me to ask? All right, I’ll ask. Ma’am, where do the high school girls hang out in this town?"