You Are What You(r Mother) Eat(Ate)

Kristin Wartman, writing for the New York Times:

“What’s really interesting about children is, the preferences they form during the first years of life actually predict what they’ll eat later,” said Julie Mennella, a biopsychologist and researcher at the Monell Center. “Dietary patterns track from early to later childhood but once they are formed, once they get older, it’s really difficult to change — witness how hard it is to change the adult. You can, but it’s just harder. Where you start, is where you end up.”

I often wonder how many social mores that we currently accept will look ridiculous in a hundred years, much in the way we look at turn-of-the-century thoughts regarding sanitation, germs, medical practices, etc. with horror now.

Along those lines—how long before we take child creation and rearing out of the hands of us humans, such flawed creatures? Or—is that the measure evolution has taken to ensure we don't wind up overpopulating the planet?

And what happens when we finally develop the scientific knowledge and the proper amount of patience to overcome such measures?