'They don't talk about the fear.'

Matthew Berry, writing for ESPN.com:

Death by a thousand cuts. It's not any one incident (though a few stand out to me, even two decades later), but the totality of it all, the seemingly nonstop barrage that comes your way. You feel helpless. It's a group against one. Tell an authority figure and you're a tattletale. They'll just come at you harder and more cleverly disguised. You feel embarrassed. You get jumpy, looking and assuming things are there when they aren't.

You live in fear. That's the fear I'm talking about. The fear no one seems to mention. The fear of repercussion, of making it worse, of what's coming next. Constant, debilitating fear.

This is maybe the best piece you'll read regarding bullying and the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin situation. It takes real guts to open up about something like this.

/via Eric Stangel