The Longest Shortest Time: Season 2

The Longest Shortest Time is a terrific podcast, created, produced, and hosted by Hillary Frank. I'll let her explain the project's beginnings:

I started the Longest Shortest Time podcast nearly three years ago, after a difficult childbirth and its aftermath, as an attempt to feel a little less alone. I've been a radio journalist for about 15 years for shows like This American Life, Studio 360, and Marketplace, so I thought, I'll use my microphone to get people to open up—to tell me the truth about early motherhood. Little did I know, my honest conversations with moms (and dads, too!) would make thousands of listeners also feel more connected—so much so that they began begging me to produce the podcast more often than once every few months.

I would say that listening to Season 1 was just as important and necessary as any of the pre-labor reading that I did.  The first few months after having a baby, fighting the feeling that you're the only one going through whatever nightmare scenario your infant has cooked up for you is really, really tough. Being able to hear other adult voices laugh and cry about the same issues is such a relief. While the Kickstarter has already reached its goal, download Season 1, and you'll see why you should still throw a couple of bucks Frank's way.

Full disclosure: I am a backer of the project.