An Open Letter to the President and CEO of Costco

Chris Horst, writing regarding her brother Matthew, a Costco employee, someone who, for his entire life, "has been classified and known by his “special needs”:

When a Costco opened up in our neighborhood (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) in the late 90s; its reputation for treating its employees with dignity preceded it. Matthew applied immediately in hopes of joining the Costco team. A few short months later, Costco took a chance on him. Today, 11 years later, after several promotions, consistent pay increases and with a supportive team around him, Matthew has found his career. The very generous salary and benefits package allow him to enjoy life in a debt-free home in a great neighborhood, within walking distance of Costco.

I don't want to spoil the rest. Just know that it only gets better (and mistier) from there.