All of the Apple Articles

I looked at my Instapaper queue this morning and realized that articles about Apple's latest version of OS X, Mavericks, and about the new iPads, were beginning to pile up. I scrolled down further and realized that I still hadn't posted the articles I'd saved from around the time of the release of the iPhone 5S/5C. When I saved them, the plan was to do 3-4 Apple-y links a day over the course of two days. But time passes and other deadlines pile up and well, here's a bunch of Apple-related articles that are either really interesting, really cool, or both:

-Making the all-new Mac Pro

At the Apple event on Tuesday, among the talk of Mavericks and new iPads, the Mac Pro was finally given a shipping timeframe and a price. This high end machine certainly isn’t something I would need, but the video that details how it is machined and assembled? That’s for everyone. Amazing stuff.

-Two Minutes, Fifty-Six Seconds

Ben Thompson is the new Tech Blogger To Read and this piece about the iPhone 5S/5C event and why the 5C isn’t cheaper is a great example why.

-The iPhone's Secret Flights From China to Your Local Apple Store

Apple sold 9 million iPhone 5Ss and 5Cs the first weekend that they were available. It’s kind of easy to overlook just what a massive undertaking that is. This quote, I think, puts it somewhat into perspective:

Before Apple's formal unveiling on stage, iPhones are shipped to distribution centers around the world, including Australia, China, the Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S., said one of the people with knowledge of the matter. Security personnel are with the devices every step of the way, from truck depots, airports, customs and storage warehouses until the product is finally unveiled, two people said.
 FedEx ships Apple handsets to the U.S. mainly using Boeing 777s, according to Satish Jindel, a logistics-industry consultant and president of SJ Consulting Group. Those planes can make the 15-hour flight from China to the main U.S. hub for freight shipments in Memphis, Tennessee, without refueling, Jindel said. The 777s can carry about 450,000 iPhones and cost about $242,000 to charter, with fuel accounting for more than half the expense.

-Jony Ive: The Man Behind Apple's Magic Curtain

Imagine, for just one day, being able to see what this guy sees?

-And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’

This is probably the best of the narrative pieces in this collection. It’s an inside look at the lead-up to the unveiling of the first iPhone. Love him or hate him, no one will ever be able to deny Steve Jobs’ leadership abilities. And it’s because of stories like this.

-The Top 5 iOS7 Ringtones

I’m a huge fan of the new iOS 7 ringtones. But The Awl—they needed to take—we’ll call it a closer look.