Subtle But Genius Wordplay

Rock Genius:

When translated from French, the lines read:

Between the night, night and dawn.
Between the kingdoms, of the living and of the dead.

There is a subtle, but genius, wordplay between “la nuit” (the night) and “l'ennui” (boredom) here. This digital, reflective age, staring at screens, is a purgatory — a metaphor to represent the ambivalence and boredom of human life in the digital age.
We are living, but not really living; communicating with each other, but not really communicating; experiencing life through digital images, YouTube videos and live streams instead of actually going out and living it.
This once again could be a reference to the myth about Orpheus and Erydice. (The record cover depicts Rodin’s statue of the unfortunate lovers.)

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